Thank you for 2019!

Thank you for 2019!

What an amazing dance year we’ve had! Thank you to everyone involved in making fabulous memories!

Congratulations to our exam candidates on wonderful results! It’s a joy to guide you on your learning journey and see your confidence grow. A special thank you to all local community event performers and parents for making it possible to share the joy of dance with the community.

Thank you to our fantastic teaching staff for inspiring our students – Angela, Jesseka, Nicola and Nicole! And thank you to our 2019 student teacher, Cody!

No better way to reflect on the year than to read through our Jar Project notes. We started the Jar Project tradition four years ago. The jar is located at the studio reception and everyone is welcome to write little notes of success and joy. Here’s a few I’d like to share with you all:

Dance Pointe have such caring, loving and supportive staff members. I love and am thankful for all of them.

I love Dance Pointe because I can challenge myself and when I finally succeed, it feels great.

I always smile and laugh at dance. I love knowing the whenever I’m here my spirit brightens.

I look forward to Tuesdays because I get to be in a safe and fun environment with my friends.

Congratulations to 2019 Dance Pointe Award students:

Tinies award – Sienna Lam
Primary Excellence Award – Sophia Feng
Junior Excellence Award – Luca Sing
Elementary award – Zoe Bell
Achievement award – Nikita Stojanov
Student of the Year – Cody Wickman-Hanslow
Performer of the Year – Cydi Gerrard

Congratulations to our Perfect Attendance medal winners for not missing a single class since starting the dance year in Term 1 – Hayley Gill, Ella Jensen, Heidi Lynch, Ivy Hayden, Kadi Bloomfield, Luca Sing, Sienna Lam. Congratulations on your commitment!

Thank you for 2019! The new year is just one sleep away and I’m already looking forward to all things dance with you all!
Click HERE to find your 2020 class! Happy New Year!

Yours truly, Miss Miia