Sprinkle some dancing happiness and let your little one discover their creative potential and build up confidence in a supportive, entertaining and inspirational environment.

Do you have a little one that just can’t stop dancing? At Dance Pointe, we are experts at early childhood and preschool dance. Miia has over 20 years of industry experience as a dancer, dance teacher and studio owner, and she created these preschool dance programs specifically designed for today’s little dancers.

EXCITING, ENGAGING and ENTERTAINING classes every step of the way.

With a maximum of 12 little dancers per class, your child will receive the attention they require and deserve to develop the correct dance technique. They for sure will fall in love with dance. The Dance Pointe journey begins here:

  • Ballet Buddies for 2-3yrs

    Ballet Buddies is a wonderful class for any tiny tot as an introduction to the joys of movement and music by incorporating creative exercises and fun props. Encourage creativity, boost confidence and prepare for independent learning whilst having heaps of fun! Parent/carer is encouraged to join in on the class activities and to assist your little dancer in having the best time ever! Once your dancer is confident enough to take the class without parental assistance, they are ready to progress to Ballet Stars and/or B-Bob programs.

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  • Ballet Stars for 3-4yrs

    Ballet Stars class is a fun 30 minute weekly enchanting class teaching your child the very basics in dance and experiencing the joy of creative movement. No uniforms, no exams. Your little dancer will love our themed classes, we have danced through the well-know stories of Aladdin, Peter Pan, The Little Mermaid and Cinderella. More fun themes are being planned all the time. Come join us!

    We’ll work on posture, flexibility and graceful movements. The classes are based on learning the Ballet technique and parents are welcome to watch their little dancer twirl. Performance opportunities are offered throughout the year. Once your dancer is confident enough to take the class without parental supervision, they are ready to progress to Tinies program.

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    Cutest 1/2 hour EVER. Melissa

  • B-Bop for 3-4yrs

    If you have a little groover with bucket loads of attitude and energy, then this baby bop class is for you. Hip Hop is heaps of fun and especially in this play-based class. We’ll move, groove and boogie whilst learning about our bodies, the space around us and the tunes we’re dancing to. And occasionally we might invite parents to get up and join the dancing fun! The classes are based on learning the Hip Hop style. Performance opportunities are offered throughout the year. Once your dancer is confident enough to take the class without parental supervision, they are ready to progress to Tinies program and/or Foundation Hip Hop.

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  • Tinies Ballet for 4.5-5yrs

    This is a creative and fun class for your dancer introducing them co-ordination, musicality and imagination whilst teaching the basics in dance by incorporating classical Ballet technique, creative exercises and fun props. Classes are based on Asia Pacific Dance Association’s La Beaute Ballet syllabus.

    Annual examinations and performance opportunities are available. Tinies are required to wear a class uniform. Create your online account to view our 2020 Uniform Guide. We recommend Tinies classes for children starting prep at school. Once your dancer has either successfully completed their preschool Ballet examination or is at least in Grade 1 at school, they are ready to progress to Dance Pointe Primary level classes.

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$11.75-23 casual class fee depending on the length of the class – Pay the semester up front for great savings!! Contact us for more information.
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