2018 Dance Pointe concert wrap up

2018 Dance Pointe concert wrap up

What a wonderful End of the Year Concert we had on Sunday! Thank you to everyone involved – performers, teachers, technicians, front of house and backstage helpers! It’s takes many helping hands to put together a successful show and to make sure our young performers are happy. Dance Pointe team and families are the best!

Congratulations to our studio award winners:
Hailey Cheng – Tinies Award
Luca Sing – Primary Excellence Award
Breanna van Hout – Junior Excellence award
Holly Sturmanis – Achievement award
Cody Wickman-Hanslow – Performer of the Year
Nikita Stojanov – Student of the Year

Congratulations to all the raffle winners:
Arya Schmidt
Olive O’Reilly
Olivia O’Connor
Kate Angus

We raised $827 towards our 2019 excursion! Fabulous effort!!

And congratulations to Alesha Dao for selling the most raffle tickets and winning 2019 Dance Pointe registration. A few came close, but Alesha was the clear winner with having sold 45 tickets. Amazing!