Primary (5-7yrs)

My daughter is having a wonderful experience at Dance Pointe. She loves her classes and is growing in her dance skills and confidence. I am very happy with Dance Pointe as it has a lovely friendly atmosphere and good quality instruction. The classes are professional and well structured, but also lots of fun for the kids. My son is now also dancing at Dance Pointe and having a great time!! I highly recommend this dance school to all my friends. Rachel

Give your child the best start in dance by enrolling them in Dance Pointe Primary classes. Boost confidence, inspire creativity and create happy memories whilst learning proper dance technique in Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop and Tap. Exams and performance opportunities are available for these classes and we recommend doing it all for the most fulfilling dance experience.

She was still dancing when she got home last night. Brenda

Classes will resume 29 Jan 2019! Join any time!
4.30-5pm Tap (5-7yrs)
5-5.45pm Ballet (5-7yrs)

3.30-4pm Acrobatics (5-7yrs)
4-4.45pm Jazz (5-7yrs)

10-10.30am Foundation Hip Hop (5-6yrs)
10.30-11.30am Ballet & Jazz (5-6yrs)
10-11am Ballet & Jazz (7-10yrs)
11-11.45am Hip Hop (7-10yrs)

Class uniform is required for Primary level dance classes. Create your online account to view our 2019 Uniform Guide.

$15-20 casual class fee depending on the length of the class – Pay the term up front for great savings!! Contact us for more information.

Class includes proper stretching and strengthening exercises, acrobatic dance tricks. Classes are based on Acrobatique syllabus.

Classical ballet increases your fitness, flexibility and co-ordination through exercises based on strong technique and discipline. Ballet is the foundation of all dance styles and can help improve a student’s performance in all other dance forms. Classes are based on Asia Pacific Dance Association’s La Beaute Ballet syllabus and annual examinations are available.

Hip Hop is fun, fast and anyone can do it. It does not require any formal dance training or level of flexibility. Let loose, bring lots of attitude and move your body to the beat. Dance Pointe offers Urban Ignition syllabus classes and exams. Urban Ignition provides each students with solid technical training, and the platform to create, achieve and grow as a dancer and artist.

Jazz is an energetic style of dance combining music with strong movements, high kicks and turns. Dance Pointe offers Jazz Addict syllabus classes and exams. Jazz Addict is a technical syllabus which incorporates lyrical, musical theatre, contemporary and student choreography.

Tap is a fun and rhythmical form of dance that encourages musicality and co-ordination. Come and learn a routine that sounds ’right’ as Tap is all about making music with your feet.

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