Choose between the following two payment options; Dance Pointe Membership or Casual Class Fee. All class fees are to be paid prior to taking classes. Please note that the class times include a 5min changeover. Once paid, fees are final, non-refundable, non-transferable and non-extendable. Fees are inclusive of GST.

1. Dance Pointe membership:

Take advantage of our discounted pay per term tuition fees and enjoy the membership benefits – a studio t-shirt as a registration gift and membership events. Registration fee of $45 is payable at the start off your membership; this is a one-off payment to be paid per calendar year by all Dance Pointe members. Terms are an average of 10 weeks, which is the price listed below, but longer and shorter terms and public holidays are reflected in your individual invoice. NO classes run on public holidays.
30min class per term $100
45-60min class per term $155
Multi-class discount is available for dancers taking more than one class per week. For more detailed information, either create your online account to view our Studio Handbook or email with your questions.

2. Casual class fees:

$20 per 45-60min class
$15 per 30min class 

Trial class – You are welcome to trial our classes to experience our studios. Casual class fee applies to class trials. Create your online account to view our Studio Handbook or email to organise your class. We can’t wait to meet you!