FAQsCan I try a class and see if I like it before I enrol?
Yes, contact us on miia@dancepointeqld.com.au or PH 0449 978 113 to book your trial class and make the most of our Introductory offer. Please arrive 5-10min before the class start time to sign our guest register.

Can I enrol after the term has started?
Yes, we accept enrolments throughout the year. Enrol for classes online or contact us on miia@dancepointeqld.com.au or PH 0449 978 113.

How many people are in a class?
Class sizes are limited to ensure every student receives the individual attention and direction they deserve.

What should I wear for my trial class?
Wear any non-restrictive, exercise wear or dance attire and dance barefoot if you don’t already have appropriate dance shoes. Please note, Tap shoes are an essential part of making the most of your Tap trial class.

Do I need to wear a uniform?
Yes. Dress codes apply in every class, excluding trial students, adult and Introduction to Dance classes. Click HERE for our Uniform Guide.

Can I make up a class if I’m absent?
Yes. Find a similar class on the timetable and let us know you will be attending.

Can family and friends watch classes?
Spectators are welcome for our Introduction to Dance classes only. For all other classes, we ask that no spectators be in the room during class at any time as it can become distracting to the dancers. Please understand that this rule is there to encourage independent learning and to make sure that the teacher can lead the class without any distractions. Please use the viewing windows and TV monitor provided. Parents are welcomed into the studios during ’Parent Participation Week’ in Term 1 and 3, and performances are organised throughout the year for family and friends to come and watch.

Can I take photos/video recordings during classes?
No photography or filming allowed during classes and rehearsals. We ask that you respect our copyright and privacy of all Dance Pointe students and teaching staff.